Turning Inbound Phone Calls into Booked Service Appointments

The ultimate guide to getting more paying jobs out of your incoming phone leads.

What’s Inside?

In the service industry, your phone is the lifeblood of your business when it comes to getting new customers. Yet many companies aren't using their phone to its full potential.

In this guide, we'll share actionable tips that will help your call-takers convert more incoming phone calls into booked appointments.

We'll introduce you to important call-related metrics to keep an eye on and share audio examples of exactly what to say – and what not to say – to improve your chances of winning a given caller's business.

You will learn and understand:

  • The true value of an inbound phone call

  • How improving two key metrics can double your company's annual revenue

  • The caller's mindset and expectations

  • Exact steps call-takers should follow to land the job
  • How to overcome common objections

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