Q4 2021

Feature Update

Introducing Quality Check

  • Quality Check is designed to save you time and money by proactively detecting potential low-quality Leads and automatically submitting them for review. A member of our Quality Assurance Team will then review that Lead to determine if it meets the quality criteria of a Billable Lead. 

Q3 2021

Product Update

New Marketplace Clients are now provided with an Onboarding experience

  • Service Direct is now helping all new Marketplace Clients by providing an Onboarding experience to make sure Clients are able to get the most our of our program.

Introducing Lead Insights Service (and New Client Free Trial)

  • Service Direct is now helping all new Clients with a free trial of Lead Insights Service designed to help save time and money, unlock key performance metrics to make smarter decisions and ultimately increase the profitability of Campaigns.
Feature Update

Lead Manager Advanced Filtering to include Filter by Lead Review Status

  • By popular request, we've released a new feature in your Lead Manager's Advanced Filtering that enables you to Filter your Leads by their Lead Review Status. You can now quickly see which of your Leads are: Not Reviewed, In Review, Submitted for Review, or Review Completed.

Q2 2021

Feature Update

Clickable Zip Code Service Area Map available for Select Clients during Account Activation

  • An interactive, clickable Zip Code Service Area Map is now available for Select Clients to use during Account Activation. This will make it much easier for Clients to specify their Service Area. 

Learn more: The Account Activation Process

Feature Update

Display a single Campaign Tracking Number as the Displayed Caller ID for Phone Leads

  • New Displayed Caller ID Feature to help you easily identify a Phone Lead from any Service Direct Campaign before you answer the call. You can now choose to show a single Campaign Tracking  Number as the Displayed Called ID for multiple campaigns.  

Learn more: Lead Delivery Settings

Product Update

Leads received while Campaigns are Paused automatically set as Non-billable

  • Our Lead Validation system will now automatically set Leads received while your Campaign is Paused to Non-billable - you will not be charged.

Learn more: Using the Lead Manager



Q1 2021

Product Update

Updated Lead Manager Default View to view All Leads

  • Based on Client requests, we've updated the default view of the Lead Manager to display All Leads (including Billable and Non-Billable Leads).
  • You can use the Quick Filters or Advanced Filters to narrow your results by Billable-only (and any other setting you prefer).

Learn more: Filter and Search Your Leads

Product Update

Streamlined Signup for Select Program

  • We have streamlined the signup process for our Select Program by reducing the number of steps required. Our goal is to get our Clients active and receiving Leads as soon as possible.


Product Update

Clickable Zip Code Service Area Map for Marketplace Campaigns in mySD Campaigns Manager

  • The interactive, clickable Zip Code Service Area Map for Marketplace Campaign that Clients can use during Marketplace Signup has been added in-app to the mySD Campaigns Manager. This will make it much easier for Clients to manage the Service Area for their existing Marketplace Campaigns.

Learn more: Understanding the Service Direct Marketplace


Q4 2020

New Feature – BETA

Advanced Lead Performance Metrics

Advanced Performance Metrics uses data from the Leads you Manage in Lead Manager..Managing a Lead means inputting the necessary data corresponding to the particular Metric, in the Lead Progress section for each Lead. Advanced Performance Metrics are currently in BETA testing. Be sure to Manage your Leads by inputting Lead and Job Progress, as well as Revenue so that you get the most accurate Metrics possible.

  • Managed Return On Investment (ROI) Last 90 Days: This Metric is Locked until you have Managed the Revenue on more than 60% of your Billable Leads.
  • Call Answer Rate Last 90 Days: This Metric is Locked until you have Managed Lead Progress for Call Answered on more than 60% of your Leads.
  • Jobs Won Rate Last 90 Days: This Metric is Locked until you have Managed Lead Progress for Jobs Won on more than 60% of your Leads.

Learn more: Understanding Lead Performance Metrics

New Feature

Basic Lead Performance Metrics

This is a new feature that is live in mySD that allows you to view valuable information about the performance of your Leads and Campaigns. The Headline Lead Performance Metrics are always visible at the top of the Lead Manager and Dashboard pages.

  • Headline Performance Metrics: At the top of the Lead Manager and Dashboard pages, we display the most common Metrics to help you understand our service performance. The right and left arrows cycle through the Metrics.
    • Ad Impressions
    • Leads Marked for Follow-Up
    • Billable Leads
  • Detailed Performance Metrics: Detailed Performance Metrics offer deeper insight into your Currently Filtered Leads. Click the "View Performance Metrics" link to see a detailed report for the Currently Filtered Leads you are viewing in the Lead Manager.

Learn More: Introducing Lead Performance Metrics

New Feature / Update

Lead Progress Improvements

We updated the Lead Progress section in the Expanded Lead View of a Lead to better flow from Call to Appointment to Job., and reorganized the way you can track Lead Progress.

  • Added Call Answered as its own step in the Lead Progress
  • Removed Needs Followup from Lead Progress and added it as a Lead Label
  • Added a Progress Indicator to show you what has been managed for that Lead, and to better visualize what’s left for you to complete before a Lead is considered fully Managed.

Learn more: Using the Lead Manager

New Feature

Lead Playback Speed

  • When listening and reviewing the call recordings from your Phone Leads in Leads Manager, you will now have the ability to adjust the playback speed. Press the play button to listen to the entire Lead Recording. Use the buttons next to the main play button to change the speed of the playback (1x, 1.5x, or 2x) as well as jump forward or backward 10 seconds.

Learn more: Using the Lead Manager

New Feature

Set Campaign Status For A Future Date

  • You can now Pause or Enable Campaigns for a future date. You use this feature when you update your Campaign Status in Campaigns Manager for a single Campaign or when using the Bulk Edit Campaigns feature.

Learn more: Using the Campaigns Manager


Q3 2020

Product Update

Enhanced Google API Integration

  • Enhancements of our proprietary adtech’s API integration with Google to take advantage of new Google features, maintain best practices, and optimize ads and campaigns more effectively. 


Product Update

Public Launch - Service Direct Marketplace

  • Service Direct Marketplace is now open to the public and is accepting new clients.
  • Easy, self-service signup process with no cost to get started.
  • Expanded service categories for lead generation including legal services, insurance services, medical services, and automotive services.

Learn more: Service Direct is Transforming The Local Pay Per Call Ecosystem With The Launch of Marketplace



Q2 2020

Product Update

Enhanced Lead Partner Network API Integration

  • We enhanced the Lead Partner Network API integration in order to be able to expand our Marketplace network and add more service categories to Marketplace.


Product Update

Server Upgrades for Speed & Security

  • We made significant server upgrades to improve speed, security and reliability.


Product Update

Private Beta - Service Direct Marketplace

  • Service Direct Marketplace is an exclusive pay per call marketplace that connects new potential customers with service providers in their area, in real-time. We launched Marketplace in private beta for existing clients.

Learn more: Introducing Service Direct Marketplace


New Feature

mySD Manager Accounts

For clients who are managing several different mySD accounts across multiple locations, our new Manager Account feature gives managers access to all sub-accounts in a single Manager Account.
  • Manage all leads/campaigns from sub-accounts in one place
  • Get sub-account notifications to one email address

Learn more: Using the Client Accounts View


Q1 2020

Product Update

New mySD lead management platform!

We are excited to announce the launch of the new mySD! The new mySD has more powerful features to help you manage, optimize, and monitor performance, in real-time.
The new mySD achieves several core principles:

  • Make the process from call to customer as easy and intuitive as possible.
  • Deliver even more real-time performance insight to help understand return on investment.

At the same time, our proprietary advertising system learns from those insights and continually optimizes your Campaigns based on what is working. The more information you track on your Leads the more accurate your performance metrics become, resulting in smarter and more effective Campaigns. Check out some of the new features you can look forward to using.

  • New Interface: Not only the design, but the overall user experience of mySD is focused on delivering the most relevant information to you as quickly as possible. You will have access to the same information as before, but with new self-service features making it easier for you to manage your Leads and Campaigns. We also really wanted to have performance insights to be a priority throughout the interface, so that you have total transparency into what is working. 
    • New Dashboard: The brand new dashboard shows you the most important things you need to know about your Leads, Campaigns and Account, all in a snapshot.
    • Better Mobile Experience: We wanted to ensure a consistent experience offering all the same capabilities and access to features across any device - desktop, smartphone or tablet.
  • New Lead Manager: The new and improved Lead Manager (formerly Lead Log) is where all Leads from your Campaigns are tracked and recorded. Lead Manager was designed to offer a better way to find and manage your Leads with new lead tracking capabilities, enhanced filtering options, and performance insights to help you better understand your return on investment.
    • Enhanced Filters & Search: Find your most important Leads quickly with Enhanced Filters & Search. You’ll be able to filter by Billable Status, Service Category, Campaign, Date, Progress, and more. You can also Search by Keyword or use Quick Filters to automatically narrow your Leads down to the most commonly needed lists.
    • Manage Leads To Better Optimize Campaigns: Manage your Leads from call to customer by tracking Lead Progress, while our system optimizes your Campaigns based on this information you provide. In other words, the more you manage the smarter your Campaigns will become. Lead Progress will help you understand which Leads need action from you or your team in just a few clicks. Job Progress and Job Revenue will help you better understand your return on investment.
  • New Campaign Manager: We took your feedback and did a complete overhaul of the way your Campaigns are displayed and managed. Campaign Manager was designed to offer an easier and more centralized way to manage your Campaign, with new self-service features dedicated to adjusting your Campaign settings without any wait times.
    • Campaign Quick View: We centralized all Campaign settings in one place, and now you can see a Quick View of each of your Campaigns in Campaign Manager. In each Campaign Quick View you can see the name of the Campaign, view the Campaign Microsite, view Lead Delivery settings, view the set Cost Per Lead, and see Lead Performance Metrics for each Campaign.
    • Bulk Edit: By popular demand, you can now filter and select multiple Campaigns to update or adjust settings, all at once. No more having to manage your Campaigns on at a time, and in different places.

Learn more: Introducing the new mySD!